Bond Resource Partners

About Us

BondResource is the partner of choice for creating and realizing value for the tax-exempt industry. Formed in February 2002, the firm's leadership and staff formerly comprised the Municipal Bond Services Group of Arthur Andersen. PFM Asset Management LLC acquired BondResource in April 2009. BondResource brings extra value to your arbitrage rebate calculations through its unique approach to understanding bond transactions. Our staff is trained to look beyond the transactional activities for optimum allocations and elections where appropriate. The result is a maximization of savings on our client's rebate liability.


  • Services a diverse national client base
  • Provides in-depth knowledge of arbitrage tax laws and regulations
  • Has the skills to determine the most strategic eleciton alternatives
  • Is experienced in recomputations of arbitrage liabilities resulting in significant savings, reduced payment and IRS refunds
  • Conducts interactive discussions with issuers, bond consel, investment bankers, financial advisors and trustees
  •  Is experienced in streamlining accounting processes to support compliance.